The Supermarine Spitfire
Family Tree 2006 Compiled by P. Jutte
  Supermarine F7/30
Type 224, K2890
660 hp. Steam cooled
Rolls Royce Goshawk II
  Supermarine F37/34
Type 300 Prototype Spitfire
K5054, Merlin II 990 hp.
        High Speed Spitfire N.17
ex-Mk I, K9834 (1939)
    1st prod. Seafire MK III, NN333
Merlin 55, October 1943
Cunliffe Owen built
1st Sqn. No.894, 27 Nov. 1943
      From Mk I, K9961 prod.
With DH 3 blade 2 pitch
  Aerolite Spitfire,
2 fuselages
      Last Mk II, P8729
built 25 June 1941
  1st PR Mk XIX, RM626 non Rotol
5 blade prop. Griffon 65
April 1944
  1st PR Mk XIX, SW777
with pressurised cabine
November 1944
  1st prod. PR Mk XIX,
PM496, 23 May 1945
(225 built)
    1st prod. Seafire Mk III, LR765
No folding wings, Westland
built (conv. to Mk IIc)
  1st prod. LF Mk III Seafire
NF545, f.f. 31 March 1944
  Mk I, K9912, testbed for
Merlin III
  Mk I, K9783
first with 3 blade
DH two pitch prop.
  First flight 5 March 1936,
  Mk IIA/B model
Air-Sea Rescue
Type 375, 1st Mk IIc
P7321 ASR (IIc)
      Mk V, L1004 proto.
Griffon engine
    Seafire Mk IIc, MA970 proto.
For folding wings Mk III
  Seafire Mk IIc MB141 & MB307
testbed for RATOG (rocket
assistant launch)
  Mk I, K9791, 5th prod. conv. mock-up Hispano 20mm can.       Spitfire F/3734 Mk II
Type 329
  1st ex-P7282 to No. 61 Sqn. 22 Aug. 1940 (f.f. 17 June '40, 6 MU)   Spitfire PR Mk XIX
Type 389/390
  1st prod. Mk XII, EN221
(100 built)
    Seafire F/LF/FR Mk III
Type 358/506
  Mk IIc, MB194 conv. To
Seafire PR IIIc
f.f. 14 July 1943
  Mk I, K9789, 3rd prod.
Became maintenance
airframe 3594N, 1944
  Mk I, K9789, 1st to
No. 19 Sqn. Duxford
4 August 1938
  First production
Spitfire Mk I,
K9787 (later converted to
PRU, lost 30 June 1941)
  June 7, 1939, 1st Mk I of
L-series (L1000)
Merlin III
  Prototype Mk I, L1004,
converted to F Mk Va
April 1943 (.303 Browning)
  Mk Va, L1004 conv. To
PR Mk XIII, March 1943
Boscombe Down
  Spitfire F Mk XII
Type 366
  Mk VIII, DP845 (ex-proto
Mk IV) conv. to Mk XII
Griffon IIB, 1735 hp.
    Mk I, R7120 conv. To
1st F Mk VI
(f.f. 25 August 1941)
  Spitfire HF Mk VI
Type 350 (High Flyer)
  Mk I, W3237, 2nd protot. Mk III
(later conv. to Mk V airframe)
  Spitfire Mk III
Type 330
  Mk I, N3297, 3th series, conv.
to Mk III. Merlin RM25 (Mk XX
1.390 hp, later Mk IX proto.)
  Spitfire Mk IV
Type 337
  Mk IV, DP845 1st proto.
27 November 1941
Griffon RG 25M
  Mk IV, DP851, 2nd proto.
(later used for Mk 20
+ Mk 21 trials)
  Spitfire F Mk 21
Type 368
        1st prod. Seafire Mk IIc
Westland built, LR631-LR764
f.f. 4 January 1943, Merlin 55
    Mk I, X4942, converted
to Mk Va. Conv. to
Mk VI (f.f. 4 Juli 1941)
  1st production Mk VI,
AB176 (Merlin 47)
(100 built)
  Spitfire Mk V
Type 331/349/352
  Spitfire F/HF Mk VII
Type 351
Mk III, N3297, proto. Mk VII
  PR Spitfires Mk I, N3069
+ Mk I, N3071 testbed f.
Photo. Developm. Team
  N3069 soc. August 1940
No 2 Camouflage Unit
  Mk IV, DP851, 1st proto.
Mk 21, Griffon 61,
f.f. 4 October 1942
  Mk VIII, JG204 used for
new wing test F Mk 21
    1st production Seafire Mk IIc,
MA970, f.f. 28 May 1942
Merlin 46, trop. Filter
Supermarine built
  Seafire Mk IIc
Type 357/375
    1st proto. F Mk 21, PP139    
    Proto. Mk IIc, AD371 for Seafiretest to Farnboriugh
25 February 1942
  Mk Va, AB320 conv. To
prototype LR Vb(T)
  Mk I, N3053 proto.conv.
to F Mk Va (Merlin XX,
later M64)
  Mk I, K9788 converted
to Mk Va
  Mk I, W3237, prototype Mk Vc
October 1941, Type 349
  1st prototype F Mk VII, AB450
(ex- F Mk Vb) Merlin 61
Juli 1942
  Mk VII, N3297 prototype
for Mk VIII
Merlin 61
  Mk I, 3071 to No 212 Sqn
(PR) 11 Group
f.f. to Aken 18 Nov. 1939
  Armed PR Spitfires
Type 367
    BL676 re-serialled to MB328
(tropical filter)
      1st Spit. with ROC float
Follant Airc. Mk I, R6722
Type 342
  Spitfire with Superm.
Floats, Type 344/355
Mk Vb, W3760
  Mk I, W3248 converted to
Mk Vb with clipped wings
  1st production Mk Vc, AA878
Juli 1942
  1st prod. HF Mk VII, BS121
5 September 1942
  Spitfire F/HF Mk VIII
Type 359/360/369/376
  Spitfire Mk IX
Type 316 / 378
      1st of 5 production F Mk 21,
LA187 / LA191,
(total 120 built)
  LA213 to LA317 with
contra rotate prop.
    3rd proto. Seafire, BL676
1st decklanding 10 Jan. '42
HMS Illustrious
  Mk Ib Seafires no folding
wings, Merlin 45
(116 built)
  Seafire Mk Ib
Type 338/465
  Spitfire with floats
2 extra conv. Mk Vb,
EP951 + Mk Vb EP754
  Spitfire with floats conv.
LF Mk IXb, BJ892, Type 385,
May 1944 (soc. 22 Nov. 1945)
  Spitfire Mk Vc, MA648,
1st prototype LF Mk IX
May 1943
  1st prod. LF Mk IX, MJ823
Merlin 66
      Mk VIII, N3297 1st proto.
conv. To Mk IX Merlin 61
September 1941
      Spitfire F Mk 22
Type 356
  Spitfire F Mk 23
Type 372 Valiant
    AB986 replaced by AB205
to No 778 Sqn. for trials
  Mk Vb, AD371 + AB986
trialbeds Seafire Mk I / II
  Seafire F Mk XV
Type 377/386
  278 Mk V's converted to Mk IX       2nd proto. Mk I, R6700 conv.
to Mk IX 6 Jan. 1942
  Spitfire T Mk VIII (trainer)
Type 502
  2 prototypes F Mk 22,
SX549 & TM383
  1st proto. PP139
(ex-F Mk 21, for Mk 23
        1st production Seafire
Mk XV, SR446
Griffon VI, f.f. 2 sept. 1944
Westland built
  1st proto. Seafire F Mk XV
NS487 November 1943
(sting hook)
  The Composite Seafire,
Fuselage Seafire Mk III,
Wings Mk Vc, tail Mk VIII,
radiators Mk V & Mk IX
      1st prod. Mk IX, JK395
Merlin 63
  1st proto. F.Mk VIII, JF274
(2nd production Mk VIII)
  1st production LF Mk VIII,
JF462, April 1943
      1st production F Mk 22, PK312
March 1945
(287 built)
  SX549 to become proto.
for Seafire Mk 46
    6th proto. Seafire F Mk XV,
NS493 conv. To Low-Back
Seafire Mk XVII
  Spitfire Mk IX (T9)
Trainer Type 509 (20 built)
      3th prod. Mk VIII, JF318 conv.
to F Mk XIV
  Spitfire F Mk XIV
Type 369/373/379
  1st Mk VIII with Griffon III
(JF316 & JF321)
  Spitfire F Mk 24
Type 356
    1st production Seafire
Mk XVII, SW987
Griffon VI, May 1945
Westland built
  Seafire F/FR Mk XVII
Type 387
  1st Mk XVI w. Packard
266 was Mk IX MJ556
(December 1943)
  Mk IX, MK850 testbed f. Mk XVI
November 1944
  15 F Mk IX converted to
PR Mk XI, beginning with
  Spitfire PR Mk XI / X
Type 365/387
  FR Mk XIV low-back with
F.24 oblique camera
  Mk XIV, JF317 (w. Griffon 61)
compared w. Mk VIII, JF664
(Merlin 63) July 1943
  F Mk 22 airframe converted
to Mk 24
Production proto. VN301,
May 1945, Griffon 61
        Testbed Mk XVI TA759
(with Low-Back)
  Spitfire F/LF Mk XVI
Type 380. A Mk IX with
R.R. Packard Merlin
  1st conv. PR Mk X, SR395
May 1944
      Mk VIII, JF299 low-back,
tear-drop canopy proto.
  1st real prod. with Griffon.
A combination of Mk VIII
and Griffon engine
(957 built)
      Last built Spitfire F Mk 24,
VN496, 24 Februari 1948,
soc. 15 December 1950
(54 built)
    Seafang Mk 32, VG471 to
VG479 (only 9 produced)
  Spiteful F Mk 14/16
Type 317/393
  1st prod. FR Mk XIV, NH741    
    Modified Spiteful for
Seafang trialsbed, VB893
& VB895
  Seafang F Mk 31/32
Type 365
      1st production Spiteful, RB515
f.f. 2 April 1945 (20 built,
last three never flown)
  1st true prototype Spiteful,
NN664, f.f. 8 January 1945
  Mk XIV, NN660 new wing conv.
To Type 317.
Crashed September 1944
      Spitfire F/FR Mk XVIII
Type 394
No special prototype built
  201 FR and 99 fighter variants
1st FR Mk XVIII to RAF, SM844
28 May 1945
  Mk XVIII flew last Spitfire
combat sortie with No 60 Sqn
(Malaya, 1 January 1951)
    Seafire Mk 47, VR971 last built
Seafire, 28 Januari 1949
      1st prod. Seafire Mk 46,
LA541 (24 built)
  1st proto. Seafire Mk 46,
TM383, f.f. 8 August 1944
Contra rotate prop.
Griffon 85
  Seafire Mk 46
Type 474
    1st prod. Seafire Mk 47, PS944
Seafire Mk 47, VP-series with
Griffon 88, 1st VP427 Oct. 1947
  2 proto. Seafire Mk 47, PS944
& PS945, contra rotate prop.
Griffon 87, folding wings
  Seafire Mk 47
Type 388/474

  Seafire Mk 45, TM379
testbed contra rotate prop. October 1944
  1st prod. Seafire Mk 45, LA428
to LA499
(Castle Bromwich built)
  1st proto. Seafire Mk 45,
TM379 (equivalent Spitfire
Mk 21) Griffon 60
  Seafire F Mk 45 N7/44
Type 474